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I got both of my girls from Hidden View and they are wonderful, well socialized puppies. Teana is so accommodating she brought my pups to me at the airport and was so helpful.

Charlene Campbell

Wonderful Breeder!

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I recommend Hidden View Farms to everyone I meet looking to welcome a dog into their family! We were beyond pleased with the friendly service and family-like feel when we got our dachshund, Winnie. The facility is exceptionally clean, the animals are very well cared for and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and open to discussing any questions or concerns you may have prior to purchasing your new pup. You can’t go wrong picking out your new furry friend from here!

Emily Beck

Amazing breeders!

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When we decided to go with a breeder for the first time ever it was a hard decision and one I was scared to make. You hear all these horror stories that kind of make you hesitant, and after just losing my best fury friend of 13 years I wanted to make the right call. After researching and deciding we wanted a dachshund I felt Hidden View Farms was a good choice, and after communicating with them I knew it was the breeder to go with. We kept our eyes peeled for Dachshund puppies and knew when we saw Maggie she was the one! The woman who runs the place with her husband (sorry I am horrible with names) was amazing! She sent me updates all the time on Maggie and her first vet visits, etc and sent photos to help me be patient til she could come home. 2 years later and we couldn’t be happier with our baby Maggie from HVF! I would recommend them to ANYONE. They really know how to take care of their babies and make you feel comfortable and answer any question at all even after you take your baby home!!

April Angus

Highly Recommended

Highly recommend Hidden View Farms LLC — I am from the dog show community (20+ years) and highly recommend HVF professional kennel and dog breeding program — dogs are properly registered with various kennel clubs — including the AKC — puppies are strong, healthy and beautifully socialized…

Sharon Unrau PhD

My Dachshund Elsie

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I picked up my puppy at Hidden View Farms in June…I had just lost my last Dixie Dino on the 7th. I wasn’t looking to purchase a dog right now but I found looking at dachshund puppies online made me feel better. Then, I saw her…my black and white piebald female, I knew she belonged with me. I purchased her and couldn’t be happier! Quality puppy and perfect in every way! Thank you so much Hidden View Farms for helping heal my broken heart.

Rebecca Ross

We love our puppy!

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We got our mini golden doodle from Hidden View and have sent two friends here to adopt their fur babies too. We got to visit Tanner’s litter at 5 weeks and then chose him from videos. He’s a great puppy and was so easy to crate and potty train. We are so thankful for this wonderful addition to our family!

Cassy Bethel

I would recommend Hidden View Farms

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I recommend Hidden View Farms. Very friendly, very informative, helpful. This is the second pup I have received from here.. Nine years ago I got a Shihtzu and recently got a Sheepadoodle. I can’t imagine our lives (my family) without either of them.
Both of my pups are healthy-happy pups!

Denise Bedel

It Was Meant To Be

I lost my 14 year old PekiTzu early in November and was so distraught. Before I had my Snickers (my girl who just passed) I had a 16-1/2 mixed maltese.
After Princess past I couldn’t not stand coming home to an empty home so I found Snickers as a puppy. When Snickers passed again I needed another fur baby and was looking to rescue a female Shih Tzu but rescues made it so hard to adopt a dog. Majority required with no exceptions a fenced yard attached to your home. I live in a condo with a screen/fenced deck. We have so many grassy areas to walk/play. So my partner who has his own home had looked under breeders before and never came across Hidden View Farms. That was on a Sunday and there were two female Shih Tzu’s just as cute as can be. I liked the darker one that had a little more white markings so I called since their hours on Sunday was 12 to 6 and Tina called me back and said to come and see them. That was all it took! Love at first sight!! Tina was so knowledgeable about Scarlet Grey and was firm on ensuring that I get Scarlet a vet appt within 4 to 5 days for her next series of shots and to let her know my appt time. I took her to my vet who I have been with since 1999 and he checked her out with a clean bill of health, gave her the shots she needed and also flea & heart worm meds. The atmosphere was so relaxing at Hidden View Farms and Scarlet is so well behaved and uses her potty pad without fail and loves to have me mess with her ears and feet so I could tell that the breeders had worked with her on getting used to being handled.
I highly recommend if you are thinking of getting a puppy to only go to Hidden View Farms. Their prices were much lower than other breeders.
Thank you Hidden View Farms! I work at a large real estate office and we have approximately 174 agents so I will be very happy to recommend Hidden View Farms if any of them decide to get a puppy.

Jennifer Jennings

What A Joy!

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We are so thankful that we found Hidden View Farms! Extremely kind, helpful and accommodating. We have a wonderful, healthy and adorable little toy poodle. Teana even arranged delivery for us as we live in Wisconsin. We are just thrilled with the whole experience and are madly in love with our puppy. Thank you Hidden View Farms!!

Bruce and Christine Fruechte

Great Service

I visited today for the first time. We were delighted with everything we saw. I know raising puppies is a lot of work. But there was not a whiff of doggy odour to smell.
Oh and they do have dogs. Beautiful dogs.
Their caring shows in everything you see. We met our babies mother and she was just the happiest little dog. You can’t fake that doggy smile.
Fenced yards instead of concrete runs. They are a roll model for anyone wanting to breed dogs. Both professional and caring.
My little one is just 3 weeks old and can’t come home yet. But we are already planning on a second puppy from them. Hidden View Farms is a place you only have to visit once and you know you’ll be back.

Judy Durst

Our family is complete!

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We were so lucky to find you! Over two years ago we adopted Ziggy from your liter and it was the very best purchase we’ve made in our life. My husband and I love him so much and he brings us nothing but not and laughter. Thank you again! If you ever one that needs to be adopted please let us know.❤️❤️

Joanne Yarbrough


We spent an incredibly long time in the fall searching for breeders for our puppy and finally found Hidden View. As soon as we saw a video, we were in love with our little mini goldendoodle. Cole was so professional and knowledgeable when we got our puppy, and it’s been such a joy to have our little furball ever since!

Neha Gundala

Highly Recommended


The best experience I have had purchasing a new puppy! Very professional, clean and loving environment. Tina was thorough and very kind. My 11 year old daughter said that this experience will be sketched in her brain forever because it was the best day of her life thanks to Hidden View Farms!

Angela Eddings

Highly Recommend

My family and I had an amazing experience and would recommend purchasing a puppy from here. The owners were so friendly and helpful with every step. There facility was very clean and I felt very confident that all of their puppies were well taken care of. I will definitely be purchasing puppies from here again and referring other to do the same.

Nikki Roberts

My favorite poodle!

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Peanut is the smartest, healthiest, and most loving poodle that I have ever owned. I am 60, Peanut is 2, and I have always had a poodle or two in my life. She is the best! Thank you for your high quality breeding! I am thinking of getting her a playmate. She loves to play with all of her toys and of course play fetch.
Sincerely, Debra Newman

Debra Newman

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