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All Puppies are kept in stock in our store and cannot be shipped.  Our packages and supplies can be ordered ahead of time at at the time  of pickup.

Other Supplies We Recommend

Dog Food

We recommend Purina Pro Plan foods for anybody who asks what the best kind of dog food is. We start our small puppies out on Pro Plan Toy Breed Puppy dry food, and our mid-to-large size puppies on Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice dry food. Changing the food of your puppy right away can really disrupt the digestive system and further stress out this little one in his/her new home. 

We offer the Pro Plan Toy Breed Puppy in a 5 pound bag for $20 plus tax. We offer the Pro Plan Puppy Chicken and Rice in a 6 pound bag for $20 plus tax. 

We also offer larger bags by request.

Nuvet Plus Immune Boosting Supplement

Why supplement if you feed your dog “good food?” NuVet nourishes your pet for the longest, healthiest life possible. Your puppy gets NuVet daily so we recommend that you continue this important supplement. Its main goal is boosting immunity, which is extremely important for puppies who are under stress (like going to a new home for the first time!) It also fills in vital nutrients missing in dog food to also reduce cell damage which causes rapid aging and supports overall long term health. NuVet plus also helps your puppy have less allergic reactions to vaccines by boosting the immune system.

We offer NuVet in a 60 wafer bottle for $40 plus tax. Or you can order NuVet online at and get a 15% discount by signing up for autoship!

Snuggle Puppy with Heartbeat and Heat Pack

The Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy is designed to help your new puppy cope with the stress of leaving his/her littermates for the first time. The snuggle puppy includes a heartbeat and heat pack to help simulate a sibling. On the nights when your new puppy feels most alone, it will have the comfort of snuggling up with another puppy. We like to put the snuggle puppy in with the litter mates the day your new puppy leaves in order for it to soak up their scent for you to take home and always be with you.

We offer the Snuggle Puppy for $40 plus tax.

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