Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are a small breed with BIG personality. They are energetic, feisty, and can be bossy! If you are looking for a pup to dote on, they love attention! But then they also love to go outside and get a little dirty from time to time as well. The yorkie has a reputation of being barky, but with that they make great watch dogs for your home.

Their silky-smooth hair can grow all the way to the floor if you let it, but many people choose to keep their coat in a shorter “puppy cut,” which is easier to keep clean and maintain. Their coloring typically consists of beautiful steel blue or silvery color with bright tan markings. Yorkie puppy colors always change as they get to be closer to a year old.

Our yorkies typically mature between 5-8#. This breed is not for everyone. They can be very fragile due to their size, which makes it important to keep them safe and warm. If you have very young children or bigger dogs, be sure to think twice if it will be in the puppy’s best interest.

Sorry, we do not have any puppies in this breed right now but you are welcome to contact us to see when we will have more.

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