Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is one of only a few breeds that were bred solely for companionship. They are very affectionate, happy and outgoing! They thrive on human interaction. They will follow you from room to room, you will never need to look for them. One of the best features about this breed is their adaptability. They can live comfortably in a busy home with other animals and children or in a quiet single person household. They can easily live in an apartment in a big city, as well as country life on a farm or ranch. They are very intuitive! They seem to understand your words as well as your feelings and are able to comfort you when needed. They have hair, which does continually grow. The good thing about this is that they are non-shedding and non-allergenic. The only down side is that they do need to have haircuts or be groomed. Please be sure that this fits into your budget to have done at least 4-5 times per year. They can vary in size from about 8-16 pounds and we have puppies of all sizes and colors.

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