Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu’s main purpose in life is to be your companion. It thrives on human contact and prefers not to be left alone for any significant amount of time. They love attention and do well with children.

The shih tzu has hair and not fur. It does require grooming. How often you do this is personal preference but an average would be about every 2-3 months. Most people keep their shih tzu cut in an easier to manage “puppy cut”. With this cut, routine grooming isn’t as much. Keeping the corners of the eyes clean with a warm compress or baby wipes is necessary.

We have shih tzu of different sizes from smalls-maturing at 7-9#, mid size-maturing at 10-12# and standard size-maturing at 12-15#. We have all colors from standard colors to more rare colors like blue, lavender and dobie marked pups.

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