Golden Doodles

Goldendoodles make excellent family dogs! They have a gentle and reliable temperament, they are highly intelligent and very affectionate.

Thanks to the addition of Poodle into their bloodlines, Goldendoodles tend to shed very little. The more Poodle in their lineage, the lower their shedding they will be. So, if allergies are an issue in your home, you would be best suited for an F1b.
Golendoodles are usually very easy-going and also tend to be easy to train because of their “eager to please” attitude.

Goldendoodles are fairly high-energy dogs and do require at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise every day, sometimes more, depending on the dog.

Our Goldendoodles range in generation and in size. We have F1 and F1b doodles. We also have mini and standard sized puppies.

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