The Dachshund is a loveable, cuddly pet that loves to snuggle under the covers! They are very loyal to their family and to their property! They love to go outside for exploring and hunting. Yes, hunting; which is what they were originally bred to do! They can be stubborn. They are a very independent breed. Some say they are hard to train, but they are very smart and can easily be trained with consistency and a firm stance. All dachshunds love to run and jump! The biggest health concern with a Dachshund is that they can suffer from Inter-vertebral disc disease (IVDD) due to their stretched out structure. Because IVDD is part of the breed and we cannot eliminate the risk through specific breeding, it is important to handle all environmental factors the best you can. This includes feeding a high quality diet, keeping them in a healthy body weight and active, and trying to eliminate any repetitive jumps in their every day life. They LOVE to eat. Be sure that there is a measuring cup available and that they are getting the recommended daily amount only! The dachshund is a fairly maintenance free breed as far as their coat. Your long haired pup will need a brushing around the ears to keep them mat free but otherwise, no major chores!  Our dachshund usually range in size from 9-15 pounds and we breed both long and short haired puppies.

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