The Bernedoodle is bred from a Bernese Mountain Dog which are known for their gentle nature and loyalty; and a Poodle which are known for their intelligence and playfulness. Both parents have excellent traits so when combined; a Bernedoodle gives you the best of both breeds.

The Bernedoodle will need to be groomed. This would be necessary about every 8-12 weeks. Keeping a brush or comb near to your favorite place to relax is a good idea. This would make sure that your pup/dog gets the proper brushing often, which catches all loose hair and keeps any shedding there might be to a minimum. Plus it establishes good grooming behavior!

The Bernedoodle requires moderate exercise daily to keep them healthy and happy. They enjoy the outdoors!

Our Bernedoodles range in generation and in size. We have F1, F1B, and F2. We also have mini and standard sized puppies.

Sorry, we do not have any puppies in this breed right now but you are welcome to contact us to see when we will have more.

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